Collection: Children's Headstones

The loss of a child is a pain so deep that it cannot be expressed in words, and we understand that everyone experiences it in their own way. Talking to other parents who have lost a child is helpful for many grieving parents.

The loss of a child is life changing. Early in your grief journey you may feel disorientated because your sense of how your life would have turned out has been destroyed. A parents grief will never cease to exist, but as some point we only hope that the grief will not consume your life wholly as it did in the beginning.

Regularly visiting the place where your child has been buried helps parents feel close to their child. We would encourage you to be involved in the design of your memorial. We can work together until we until we perfectly capture the spirit of your child and the sentiments you would like to convey. This takes time and patience and you will never be hurried.

Browse the gallery below of our children's memorials for inspiration or download our brochure.

Alternatively contact a member of our staff on 01206 761167 who will guide you through the options available.